Decker Development

I created this page to collect the feature requests and design ideas, and to document the differences between the different decker versions and the "official" version 1.9. Please post any changes you want me to make to this page on this forum.

Please don't use the RFEs for discussions. Other people won't notice those discussions.


Custom Decker Sprite

The program should add all images contained in char_*.* files to the list of available images. If the image format does not support transparent colors (standard bmp format, jpg), the color of the pixel in the upper left corner will be made transparent.

There should be a button for changing the player sprite in the deck dialog. It should call up a list or a table that contains all the available images.


Quicker Contract Acceptance

There should be an 'accept and begin' button in the dialog that displays a single contract.

There should be an 'accept and begin' button in the dialog that displays the list of available contracts.


New Wait Button

When you do something that takes more than one tick ( scan, evaluate, file transfer ), you'll keep doing it until you press a button or you get attacked or queried by an entity or until you've finished what you were doing.


Resource Structure

Resource names should be <name>[_il][_16|_32].<type>
Image lists have the postfix (or infix) _il ( "char_il.bmp" , "special_nodes_il_16.bmp" ).
All standard resource file names could be made completely lower case (looks better i think, not really a requirement since the programs don't care).

Instead of starting image names with "MATRIX_" or "HOME_", put them in a "matrix" or "home" subdirectory.

Rename the matrix button image *kill_shutdown?.bmp as *shutdown?.bmp.


Construct hardware

It would be cool if you could buy constructs (AI) for your deck, this idea comes from the neuromancer book. The construct could have 1 ability that you could ask it to do and it would happen in the background or simultaneous with your commands, such as asking the construct to scan the files in a node while you explore or have the construct evaluate the files you scan etc.

I doubt an attack construct would be suitable with the current system, but skills like weaken or virus could probably be useful.


Companies Remember You Hacking Them

The more often you hack a company the more likely will they try to hunt you down in the normal matrix.


Opposing AI deckers

When you enter a system, there should be a small chance that a defending AI decker is currently in the system, too. If you set off a yellow alert, one or more defending AI deckers may come online. If the yellow alert deckers don't find anything wrong with the system (like you being there, files missing, ice missing, IO nodes switched off), they will log off again.


Free Matrix

You can move around a large Matrix and enter any database that you please. If you do not have a contract, you can only get money through downloading files. And, if you do not have a contract, you can only earn skill points by killing sentient artificial intelligence or other deckers.

If this happens some of the 'at home' stuff could possibly be implemented in the free matrix section. I"m thinking of stuff like an encrypted drop box for contracts in a public data node. Nothing that really affects the game, just adds flavor.

Corporate logos should be reserved for skin packages or scripted missions, to keep the download small.


Scripted missions

For scripted missions, clues do not necessarily reveal the locations of the objectives. They can also reveal the location of some other node, or plain text that is important to the plot or to finding other deckers.

Also, there could be a new kind of downloadable files simply called "Messages" which you might have to read a lot of before you can find the information you want, like in Neuromancer the PC game.

Secret contracts : A new kind of file type that you can download from a data node. Basically, once you download a Secret Contract file, that contract appears in your Contracts list. Usually, the difficulty is much higher, there are a large number of different objectives, and there might even be a time limit. But, these secret contracts would also give a lot more money, stat points, and reputation. Secret Contracts might even be a neat component of scripted missions with stories.


(most of the ideas from the forum are still missing)


The jar files you can download are executable java programs. You can open and alter them with any zip program. The source code is in the jar files.

The interface has changed a bit. It doesn't use the Windows theme ( because it isn't part of the standard Java distribution ). Many message boxes have been replaced by tooltips.

All icon backgrounds have been made transparent. Pink (255,0,255) is used as the default transparent color. The matrix button images from the home view had to be modified : The part colored in (255,0,255) is now colored in (255,0,254).

It uses the resource structure described above. It also supports the Decker 1.9 resource structure, to allow players to use the custom skins.


ToDo List

The file format definitions (and some of the data structures) are not finished for the matrix, systems, missions and savegames.

the system view

the contract view

sound support

saving / loading game states

the options view

German localization


  Download Java Version  

Download Java Version Without Help Files

Mission Scripting Language

ice XML structure proposal

system XML structure proposal

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